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What a feeling! I love the... "Chill Interest" is about the only way I can put it, that I get from this game.

I enjoyed the artwork and soundtrack!

I think it could be cool if there was some soft ambient noises based off the artwork near the ink/player. So if the art was a birdlike thing, maybe you hear some soft bird noises

I fell off the right side and it kept going and when i hit escape it didnt bring up a menu but instead simply exited the game.

lastly i enjoyed the freedom to roam but couldnt find out what the goal/objective was so I couldnt win/beat/finish the game.

Hey, thanks for playing. I would love to improve the sound as it's the element that's most lacking. As for the falling off the side of the map, I'm sorry but thank you I will fix that bug right away. Also It's a painting you can't win, beat or finish it :P. explore until you have had enough.